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Leonardo DR Nano

The wonderfully light, portable Leonardo DR Nano system for X-ray examinations anywhere, any time. Just sling the lightweight Leonardo backpack over your shoulder and you are perfectly equipped for your next X-ray examination. The Leonardo DR Nano consists of two components only, a wireless X-ray detector and a tablet PC. Weighing only approx. 8 kgs (complete package, bag including tablet PC/notebook, accessories and 12″ x 10″ flat panel detector), the system is one of the lightest portable X-ray solutions worldwide. It supports users in outpatient digital radiography.

Due to its low weight and volume, the compact Leonardo DR Nano system can be used almost anywhere – in home care, disaster control, for medical emergencies on ships, yachts and oil rigs as well as for medical services.


Advantages of the Leonardo DR Nano 

  • Wireless X-ray imaging
    The X-ray detector is available in two sizes (10 x 12 inches and 14 x 17 inches)
    as a wireless version. If you use it with a battery powered HF X-ray generator, X-ray imaging will be completely wireless and portable.
    Your benefit: Ready for operation in no time and no more tripping over cables.
  • The smallest and lightest DR system
    The very compact Leonardo DR nano is housed in a well designed sturdy carry
    bag. Weighing only about 6.5 kg in total (including optional carry bag) it can easily be transported anywhere. Battery operated portable X-ray generators with a total weight of as little as 6.8 kg complete the system. The X-ray solution can be assembled quickly and easily on site.
    Your benefit: Easy to transport, quick to set up.
  • Excellent image quality
    The wireless detector boasts unbeatable image quality, based on a high
    resolution of approx. 5 lp/mm (100 µm pixel resolution).
    Your benefit: Fantastic images as a result of the latest know-how.
  • User friendly
    The professional dicomPACS®DX-R software features an intuitive and state of the art graphic user interface. Examinations can be performed conveniently at the monitor.
    Your benefit: Easy operation even if staff changes.
  • Fast
    The X-ray image is ready for viewing and diagnostic evaluation as early as
    6 to 8 seconds after the shot has been taken.
    Your benefit: Fast workflow with optimal documentation.
  • Well thought through
    An integrated X-ray positioning guide provides information on the correct adjustment technique for each examination, including videos, photos, and sample X-ray images as well as many hints and tips.
    Your advantage: Correct positioning and adjusting made easy.
  • Constant availability
    The integrated diagnostic evaluation software offers worldwide, fast and cost efficient exchange of information (via Cloud and web based viewer solutions), considering and adhering to safety provisions for telemedical solutions – all that is required is internet access.
    Your advantage: The fastest possible diagnosis by a specialist in
    emergency situations






  • Modern graphic user interface (GUI) adaptable to almost any language
  • Capture of patient data via DICOM Worklist, BDT/GDT, HL7 or other protocols – data may also be captured manually
  • Use of DICOM Procedure Codes for the transfer of all relevant examination data directly from the connected patient management system (HIS/RIS)
  • Freely configurable body parts with more than 200 projections and numerous possible adjustments
  • Safe and fast registration of emergency patients
  • Allows the user to switch between examinations of a patient, for instance to avoid having to re-position the patient frequently
  • Integrated measuring, special image filters and many other tools for measuring and image optimisation
  • Allows the user to subsequently add images to an examination, even after that examination has already been completed
  • Entry of recurring examination procedures as macros, e.g. thorax screenings
  • Fully integrated radiographic positioning guide for each examination in human and veterinary medicine incl. comprehensive notes, photos, videos and correct X-ray images
  • A single work station with installed dicomPACS®DX-R software may be upgraded by the following options (selection):
    • Tools for taking images of an entire leg (full spine) or an entire spine (image stitching)
    • Planning and working with digital prostheses templates/ operation planning
    • Connection of several diagnostic monitors
    • Capturing additional patient and examination data and their freely configurable statistical evaluation



  • Perfect images at all times – generally no adjustment required
  • Integrated software for automatic image optimisation
  • Professional, adaptable image processing for each individual examination to obtain best possible image settings for the needs of each customer
  • Due to specially developed processes the image processing allows the user to vary the X-ray settings on a large scale while the image quality remains virtually the same (possibility of reducing the dosage)
  • Bones and soft tissue in one image – this enables the user to significantly improve his diagnosis
  • Details of bones and microstructures are very easy to recognise
  • Noise suppression
  • Black mask (automatic shutters)
  • Automatic removal of grid lines when using fixed grids