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dicomPACS® Medical

Innovative image management for the highest demands

Nowadays, diagnostic investigation with the help of digital image solutions plays an important role in the daily work of every modern practice or hospital. As the use of these modern technologies will continue to increase during the next few years, we would like to give you an understanding of our PACS software dicomPACS®

dicomPACS® is an innovative and intelligent high tech solution for image processing as well as practice and hospital management. With the help of dicomPACS® a paperless daily working routine can become reality. All types of images (X-rays, CT, MRI, digital camera, ultrasound) as well as all kinds of documents (doctors’ letters, diagnoses, recovery processes, faxes) can be acquired, diagnosed and then filed in the digital patient file, only one mouse click away, with dicomPACS®

With our well designed archive and backup solutions, we guarantee quick access to all data in accordance with the highest international security standards. Moreover, dicomPACS® can be integrated effortlessly with management systems via HL7 or BDT/GDT communication or using an individual solution.


  • Developed by doctors for doctors
  • Easy handling
  • Flexibility as a result of individual customisation
  • Very cost effective
  • Integrated web server
  • Many specialised measuring functions
  • Integrated MIP/MPR function
  • Integrated pre-operative planning


dicomPACS® in radiology and hospital – A dicomPACS® system will finally put your dream of a digital patient file into practice:

  • dicomPACS® can communicate in accordance with all common standards, such as HL7 or other internationally recognised standards
  • All data is archived in DICOM format in an SQL database. It is available at any place and any time
  • Due to the DICOM format, you are able to exchange your data worldwide via internet, e-mail or telephone. With our dicomPACS® system, you gain independence from separate and incompatible solutions.
  • dicomPACS MobileView ® is a web based viewer, that contains all the basic functions for viewing images. The viewing can take place virtually indpendant from the browser on mobile devices, such as an iPad
  • dicomPACS® allows the integration of nearly all digital or analogue modalities into your administration system. Data from the modalities can be transferred easily and archived comfortably in DICOM format
  • dicomPACS® displays cutlines of CT or MRI slices in overview images, generating the necessary data itself, and provides a number of further useful slice image tools

Professional work flow with dicomPACS®

dicomPACS® encompasses the acquisition, processing, communication and archiving of image material.

Thanks to its versatility and many specialized features, dicomPACS® allows you to perfectly customize each workstation to your individual needs. Our software has been devised and developed in close consultation
with specialist doctors, which enables us to offer you a versatile and easy to use tool for daily diagnosis. Its success up to now has given us something to be proud of.

With several thousand workstations installed nationally and abroad, our system has proved itself over and over and has shown every day what it is capable of.

dicomPACS® masters simple image processing requirements as competently as it does those of complex radiological networks. 

Thanks to its modular design a dicomPACS network can grow as needed. It can be expanded and amended to incorporate special features such as telemedicine, pre-operative planning or 3D reconstruction into your system.

HIS / RIS Interface – One of the areas with the biggest scope for economies in the healthcare system is the optimization of the operational procedure. The use of fully automated documentation, as well as the permanent availability of data, accelerates the daily workflow enormously and extensively contributes to saving costs. The pre-condition: All systems need to merge smoothly, because only then a raise in effectiveness could be materialised. To ensure that all software components like HIS and RIS work perfectly together, sophisticated and optimal structured interfaces are required.  If you want to be sure that everything matches, you should decide in favour of dicomPACS® . It supports all standard interfaces like HL7, DICOM or others. We can also integrate individual interfaces on request.

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Advantages at a glance

Modular structure

  • Easy to adapt to any size of practice or hospital
  • User friendly, clearly laid out structure, low training expenses and short training periods
  • Individual customisation of the user interface in accordance with your specialisation and requirements
  • Flexible allocation of hot keys for many functions enables the user to work fast without a mouse

Flexibility and user orientated features

  • Specially geared to the needs of radiologists, orthopaedists and surgeons
  • Parallel processing (possibility of continuing work while, for instance, a CD is being burnt)
  • „Perfect memory“ – repeated opening of an image with all the previous markings and settings, incl. zoom and alignments
  • Parallel compiling of diagnostic reports for several patients is possible – any number of program windows may be opened without loss of speed (depending on the size of the working memory)


  • Easy integration into existing HIS or RIS
  • Storage of all images and documents exclusively in the international DICOM standard


  • Wide range of tools, features and add-ons e.g.:

– Windowing, zoom, filters
– Integration of web server
– Operation reports
– Special measurement functions
– Pre-operative planning
– Integration of dictation and speech recognition systems etc.

Costs and depreciation of dicomPACS®

  • Can be built up over time to meet changing needs – thanks to its modular structure
  • Has extremely favourable price-performance ratio – depreciation takes a very short time
  • Help is at hand at any time via remote maintenance
  • Includes a large number of highly useful tools even with the standard modules

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The user friendly, clearly laid out structure requires only low training expenses and short training periods.                                                                                       

Parallel compiling of diagnostic reports for several patients is possible – any number of program windows may be opened without loss of speed.

The system enables fast and easy customization of the operating interface for individual customer preferences.                               

dicomPACS® Features

dicomPACS® is a so called „Picture Archiving and Communication System“, acronym: PACS, and it performs many different, at times highly complex tasks. It connects, controls and administrates everything related to your images: from the acquisition of images and the compilation of diagnostic reports to the archiving and transfer of image data. 

It ensures that the images can be distributed quickly and without complications and viewed e.g. via the web server. In addition, the system is extremely flexible and open for many applications.

Selection of features

  • Prosthesis documentation – enables the user to plan operations with digital prosthesis templates by different manufacturers
  • Report Module – for easy preparation of different reports (e.g. operation reports, ultrasound reports etc.) incl. Word macros with images and a digital dictation system
  • Statistics Module – enables freely configurable analyses of the complete database
  • Video Modules – enable standard and non-standard video signals to be recorded as single images and video sequences
  • dicomPACS® MobileView – enables image distribution within the hospital or to referring doctors via the internet and guarantees very fast image accessibility in original DICOM quality
  • Processing of CT and MRI series – dicomPACS® includes professional tools such as MPR and MIP to evaluate cross section series
  • Hanging protocols
  • Special function for mammography analysis
  • Integration of speech processing systems
  • Telemedicine
  • Special solution for multiple archives

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