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dicomPACS® vet

Professional image processing in veterinary medicine

dicomPACS®vet will make your dream of a paperless veterinary practice come true. All images as well as any type of document (e.g. diagnostic reports, records of healing processes, faxes) are stored by dicomPACS®vet in a digital patient file and can be accessed immediately with a simple mouse click.

Well designed archiving and backup solutions guarantee fast access to all data while observing the highest security standards in accordance with the internationally recognized guidelines for human medicine. In addition, dicomPACS®vet can be integrated easily with al the popular practice management systems.

The dicomPACS®vet software includes acquisition, diagnosis, transfer and archiving of the image material. Since it has been designed and developed in close cooperation with pactising vets, you will find it easy to operate and well suited to daily diagnosis.


  • Full diagnostic software for all workstations in your practice (no ‘light’ versions)
  • User friendly and clearly arranged structure, minimal training requirements and short familiarisation period
  • Individual adjustment of the user interface to your field of specialisation and individual requirements
  • Flexible allocation of shortcut keys for many functions to allow fast work without a mouse
  • Parallel processing (e.g. option to continue working during a CD burning process)
  • Permanent online availability of all images and data in the network – no need to store old images on CDs
  • “Perfect memory” – re-opening of images with all previous markings and settings including zoom and orientation
  • Parallel diagnostic evaluation of several patients made possible by opening any number of programme windows without loss of speed – depending on the size of the working memory
  • Import of any external documents such as doctors’ letters, faxed or x-ray images – no additional module required
  • Installation with Windows, UNIX, LINUX or Apple Macintosh
  • Optimal data security, speed and compatibility by using standardized SQL database technology
  • All images and documents are filed in the international DICOM standard at all times

Special Functions for Digital X-Ray Imaging

Digital x-ray images have the advantage that exact measurements can be taken at the monitor and the image quality can be improved by a number of manipulations. dicomPACS®vet now offer some special functions.


It serves to theoretically optimize the existing slope of the tibial plateau in domestic dogs.                                                                            

The TTA measuring technique is used to apply the translated length measurements at the tuberositas tibiae in dogs.


This measuring tool serves to determine the displacement of the femoral head from the joint socket of the hip joint in dogs.


The MMP (Modified Maquet Procedure) is a method of measurement for dogs with a cruciate ligament disorder, in which the distance for the placement of the MMP Wedge is determined.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


dicomPACS®vet provides a special tool to guarantee very fast and reliable determination of the Noberg angle, including documentation. One click suffices to insert all relevant lines and angles into the image, where they can be positioned as required.                                                                                      


This annotation is a simple and reliable method to determine the size of the heart. It has been designed specifically for dogs and cats. The height and width of the heart are put into relation to the individual animal’s vertebral body width. Therefore, racial distinctions are brought to bear on the examination results.

This module allows the user to plan and document an operation. After activating this function, the active image is displayed in its original film-identical size.

The prosthesis template is displayed in the image as an annotation, or the existing prosthesis template films are overlaid on the monitor.                                                                                                                                      

dicomPACS®vet includes all the necessary tools for the professional diagnostic evaluation of slices, such as CT or MRI. Functions like hanging protocols, cine loop, manual scrolling through series, and the visualization of current and delimiting outlines allow the user to work fast and professionally.

The MRI (Multi-Planar Reconstruction) and MIP  (Maximum Intensity Projection) functions offer the doctor increased options.




O and R Logo company_logo_english   dicomPACS-Logo