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dicomPACS® DX-R X-Ray Acquisition Software

Professional acquisition software for x-ray images

dicomPACS®DX-R is a professional acquisition software for x-ray images from flat panel systems (DR) and CR units (computed radiography with imaging plates) by any manufacturers, providing a mooth and systematic workflow. A simple and user friendly GUI (graphical user interface) operated by touchscreen or mouse completes the system

The professional dicomPACS®DX-R image processing can be adapted to individual usr needs and offers outstanding image quality in human and veterinary medicine. It has been specially developed to enable organ specific optimisation, guaranteeing the highest quality x-ray images.

Many helpful integrated functions such as the radiographic positioning guide and intuitive operation simplify daily routine tasks greatly.

In addition, dicomPACS®DX-R  allows integration with existing patient management systems. The integrated full dicomPACS® viewer even allows the user to diagnose x-ray images with the acquisition software. Therefore, the system can also be applied as fully-fledged diagnostic workstation with the option to upgrade to a PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System).

dicomPACS®DX-R forms the core of a direct digital x-ray unit, whether it is a retrofit system to upgrade existing x-ray units, a complete new unit including generator control, or a portable suitcase solution for mobile x-ray generators.


  • User friendliness and smooth workflow
  • Modern graphical user interface (GUI) adaptable to almost any language
  • Touchscreen operation – to ensure quick and efficient work and smooth workflow
  • Capture of patient data via DICOM Worklist, BDT/GDT, HL7 or other protocols – data may also be captured manually
  • Use of DICOM Procedure Codes for the transfer of all relevant examination data directly from the connected patient management system (HIS/RIS)
  • Freely configurable body parts with more than 400 projections and numerous possible adjustments in human and veterinary medicine already included
  • Safe and fast registration of emergency patients
  • Allows the user to switch between examinations of a patient, for instance to avoid having to re-position the patient frequently
  • Allows the use to subsequently add images to an examination, even after the examination has already been completed
  • Special tools for veterinary medicine, such as an extra dialog box for patient and owner data, integrated hip dysplasia measuring, special image filters, multi generator operation for alternating between mobile and stationary x-ray systems and much more…
  • Entry of recurring examination procedures as macros e.g. thorax screenings or pre-purchase examination for horses
  • Fully integrated radiographic positioning guide for each examination in human and veterinary medicine including comprehensive notes, photos, videos and correct x-ray images
  • Option to control a digital x-ray system via wireless remote including display of the worklist, preview of the image taken for checking and much more

  • Integration of various flat panel and CR systems by different manufactures
  • Option to connect up to 3 flat panels (bucky, wall stand and mobile) to one system
  • The configurable generator interface enable the user to control x-ray generators or x-ray systems by different manufacturers, delivering the generator settings directly from the software
  • Option for the parallel operation of a flat panel and a CR system included in the standard package. The user has the choice to take the next image with either the flat panel or the integrated CR system. This flexibility also provides an excellent emergency concept in case of a defect flat panel

  • AEC (Automatic Exposure Control) and ARP (Anatomical Programmed Radiography) allow the user to automatically adjust all x-ray options for each projection with an option to subsequently edit the image manually
  • Integration of dose area product meters (DAP)  – the readings are saved directly to the relevant image
  • Electronic x-ray log                                            
  • Perfect Images at all times – generally no adjustment required
  • Integrated software for automatic image optimization
  • Professional, adaptable image processing for each individual examination to obtain best possible image settings for the needs of each customer
  • Due to specially developed processes, the image processing allows the user to vary the x-ray settings on a large scale while the image quality remains virtually the same (possibility of reducing the dosage)
  • Bones and soft tissue in on image – this enables the user to significantly improve his diagnosis
  • Details of bones and microstructures are very easy to recognize
  • Noise suppression
  • Black mask (automatic shutters)
  • Automatic removal of grid lines when using fixed grids

DX-R-Exposure-with-standard-image-processing   DX-R-Exposure-with-dicompacs-dxr-image-processing

Exposure with Standard image processing                                                                                 Exposure with dicomPACS®DX-R image processing

  • Completely integrated dicomPACS® viewer for image diagnosis, further processing and storage of images in a SQL database including image manipulations, export options, layout adjustments, freely configurable user interface and much more
  • Stepless zoom, PAN, magnifier, ROI, crop, rotate, mirror etc.
  • Insertion of image annotations, e.g. free texts, arrows, ellipses etc.
  • Measuring of distance, angles and areas and density
  • Special purpose tools for the veterinarian (Specialised filters for the optimised deciction of bones and soft tissue, measurements for TPLO and TTA, MMP, distraction index determination, cardiac measurements etc.)
  • Adjustment of window/level options and gamma correction, sharpening filters, noise supression
  • Many additional functions such as chiro tools, calculation of Cobb’s angle, HD measurements, pelvic obliquity measrurements, integrated capturing of diagnostic reports etc.
  • Easily upgradable to the integrated image management system (PACS)


Completly integrated dicomPACS® viewer for image diagnosis




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