QuantorDentVet Imaging Software

Intuitive, easy-to-use QuantorDentvet Imaging Software provides facilities using 3DISC’s FireCR Dental PSP Readers with optimized image acquisition, processing, and management capabilities. Its next-generation user interface allows simple integration into a facility’s HIS, RIS, and PACS—providing the full range of capabilities needed for improved productivity and workflow.

  • Next-generation touch-screen user interface
  • Streamlined intuitive workflow
  • Fast, high-quality image processing designed for CR
  • Full image manipulation functionality
  • Fast, easy image verification
  • Simple data management
  • Multi-tasking capabilities for maximum efficiency
  • Secure, high-speed local database for facilities without HIS, RIS, or PACS
  • Full range of image distribution & output options
  • Supports various screen resolution for notebook or tablet PC
  • QuantorDentVet Imaging Software is available in a variety of languages
  • Unlimited software upgrades

Image Acquisition & Study Management

QuantorDentVet Imaging Software allows facilities to quickly input patient data—or access it directly from their HIS, RIS, or PACS—for improved productivity and accuracy. To optimize images, technicians can crop, etch, enhance, increase brightness and contrast, and perform other adjustments. Regions of interest can be highlighted, and users can easily rearrange or delete images at the task list.

Intuitive & Easy-to-Use interface

With QuantorDentVet Imaging Software’s next-generation touch-screen interface, image acquisition, processing, and management have never been easier. Download patient and exam information from a work list, which can be automatically matched, eliminating the need for data entry. Or, manually input patient and exam information, if needed.

Features of the software interface include:

  • Color scheme with a dark background, offers maximum contrast when viewing images and is easier on the eyes of technicians
  • Organization of controls and grouping of functionality for work list, exam, and study list buttons for fast, intuitive operation
  • Hide & reveal exam lists for full screen images
  • Complete overview of workflow—without the need to “mouse over” buttons to understand functionality
  • Visible navigation bar at all times guides users through workflow

A Full range of Functionality & Output Options

Used in conjunction with 3DISC’s next-generation FireCR Dental PSP Readers, QuantorDentVet Imaging Software offers the comprehensive features and functionality needed for computed radiography examinations in busy veterinary clinics.

FireCR Dental Software Video Screenshot

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