• Natural lead rubber and polyester taffeta
  • Lead equivalent is 0.5mm Pb.
  • Two crossed adjustable shoulder straps without lead rubber in it
  • No Sleeves
  • Put on from the back
  • Available in Velcro or Buckle
  • Available in with 60 cm or 80 cm wide (measurement is taken at the bottom, with the apron lying flat)
  • Approx. 100 cm long
Storage: Avoid direct sunlight and keep away form heat.Keep your aprons in ventilated indoor room with a temperature of around 0°c to 40°c.
X-ray protective clothing should not come in contact with any types of acid, alkali and other chemicals.

Attention: When you are finished with the apron, you should put the apron flat and not fold it t ensure that the lead does not get damaged.

330152 – X-Ray Apron ¼ Back .5PB with Buckle 80 cm wide, 110 cm long
330153 – X-Ray Apron ¼ Back .5PB with Velcro 80 cm wide, 110 cm long
330154 – X-Ray Apron ¼ Back .5PB with Buckle 60 cm wide, 100 cm long
330155 – X-Ray Apron ¼ Back .5PB with Velcro 60 cm wide, 100 cm long



The hand shields are mainly used for the radiation operator to prevent the scattering of the X-ray and keep his/her body healthy during the operation.

After the operation, lie the protective products flat or hang them up by coat hangers to avoid breach caused by a long-time fold and avoid radial leak.

When storing the protective products, put them in a well aired room, untouched by the sun and far away from any heat source. 

330152 – X-Ray Hand Shield 0.50 mm Pb, 1/pr 



Molded lead gloves with a material cover.
Navy blue in colour.

330178 – X-Ray Lead Gloves Medium 0.5 mm Pb, 1/Pr
330179 – X-Ray Lead Gloves Large 0.5 mm Pb, 1/Pr







  • The lead thyroid / lead collar can protect your thyroid and neck from the x-ray radiation effectively.
  • Material – Natural lead rubber and Oxford fabric 
  • Lead equivalent – 0.5mmPb

330148-B – X-Ray Thyroid Collar with Bib, 0.5 mm Pb





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