Easy transport. Multiple carrying options





Completely Wireless

The Canon® CXDI-801C lightweight, wireless DR panel features AutoSense – non-generator connection mode.




The remote laptop for image acquisition and review works off battery or can plug-in providing a new level of flexibility in work flow.

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Sprint AIR® is designed to take the weight off your shoulders and support the daily challenges of the mobile equine veterinary practice.

Completely Wireless




14”x17” Canon® CXDI-701C Cesium Wireless Panel

The easiest, most intuitive imaging experience ever created specifically for veterinary use with speed, efficiency and accuracy in mind. 




11”x14” Canon® CXDI-801C Cesium Wireless Panel

Pre-packaged and simple user defined protocols optimize workflow for every user.


Diagnostic Confidence

Canon® Exceptional Image Quality

The proven reliability of Canon® Digital Radiography brought to you by Sound® — the uncontested world leader in Canon®imaging systems for the veterinary industry.

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Work anywhere, stow anywhere. Sprint AIR® is a productive and profitable asset
in your practice.


With the fewest possible moving parts, Sprint AIR® is efficient and durable. Guess what’s missing: no sync cables, batteries, or boxes.
Canon’s latest AutoSense – non-generator connection mode is a major medical advancement, now available horse-side.


Sprint AIR® can run on battery power for a typical full day’s work and plug in for those endless days.


With the legendary Canon reliability, Sprint AIR® integrates the latest technology with industry standard image quality in a powerful, go anywhere, image anything platform.

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