Atomscope TR90/30 Gen-2 Dual kV Portable X-Ray Unit

The DR ready Atomscope TR9030 Gen-2 Dual kV Portable X-Ray Unit is the most advanced lightweight portable X-Ray unit available.
With a total weight of just 6.4 kgs and an output of 90kV 30mA, the Atomscope TR9030 Gen-2 Dual kV Portable X-Ray Unit shows the future for portable X-Ray systems.

  • kV range from 40 to 90 in 2kV steps
  • Maximum high frequency mA of 30mA
  • DR ready, just plug your DR system in and go, no remote
  • Digital display of kV mAs and time
  • Digital timer with .01s increments
  • Dual line lasers showing distance and beam centre
  • Five exposure technique memory storage switches
  • Automatic line voltage compensation, ensuring output accuracy
  • Unique low voltage mode for low input supply
  • Switchable audible exposure warning
  • Powered by 13A domestic supply
  • Suitable for use with any of our range of stands and mountings
  • 5 year warranty




Generator system: 80kHz high frequency inverter system
Electric power: 1.8kW @ 60kVDC, 30mA
Tube voltage: Tolerance +/-10%
  Range:    40kVDC – 90kVDC kV switch : 2kV step
Tube current: Tolerance +/-10%
Normal Voltage Mode: 30mA @ 40kVDC – 60kVDC(0.02 to 0.1sec)
  25mA @ 62kVDC – 70kVDC(0.02 to 0.1sec)
  20mA @ 72kVDC – 80kVDC(0.02 to 0.1sec)
  18mA @ 40kVDC – 60kVDC(0.11 to 2.0sec)
  15mA @ 62kVDC – 70kVDC(0.11 to 2.0sec)
  12mA @ 72kVDC – 80kVDC(0.11 to 2.0sec)
  9mA @ 82kVDC – 90kVDC(0.11 to 2.0sec)
Low Voltage Mode: 15mA @ 40kVDC – 60kVDC(0.02 to 0.1sec)
  12.5mA @ 62kVDC – 70kVDC(0.02 to 0.1sec)
  10mA @ 72kVDC – 80kVDC(0.02 to 0.1sec)
  7.5mA @ 82kVDC – 90kVDC(0.02 to 0.1sec)
  9mA @ 40kVDC – 60kVDC(0.11 to 2.0sec)
  7.5mA @ 62kVDC – 70kVDC(0.11 to 2.0sec)
  6mA @ 72kVDC – 80kVDC(0.11 to 2.0sec)
  4.5mA @ 82kVDC – 90kVDC(0.11 to 2.0sec)
Exposure timer: Tolerance +/-(10%+1msec)
  Range:       0.02sec    –     0.2sec : 0.01sec step
  0.2sec     –     0.4sec : 0.02sec step
  0.4sec     –     1.0sec : 0.05sec step
  1.0sec     –     2.0sec : 0.10sec step
Leakage technique factors: 0.25mA @ 90kV
  0.25mA is maximum rated continuous current for 15mA with duty cycle 1:60
Filtration:      Inherent filtration: 2.3mmAl total filtration: 2.8mmAl
X-ray tube  
Model number: XDT-F90
Manufacturer: SNM Instruments Factory
Focal spot: 0.8mm
Target material: Tungsten
X-ray tube target angle: 14 degrees
X-ray tube inherent filtration: At least 0.5mm Al
Anode heat storage capacity: 7kHU
Dimensions And Accessories  
Equipment size (X-ray Generator): W:188mm x H:157mm x L:312 mm Weight: 6.4kgs
Exposure switch cord: HS-M1 (Two-stage, deadman with RJ11 connector) Size: 2.44 meters
Detachable power cord: Connect to 3-wire systems, one wire grounded. 16AWG up to 6.1 meters



  1. X-ray Indicator
  2. Ready Indicator
  3. Red warning Indicator
  4. Yellow warning Indicator
  5. kV Indicator
  6. Exposure time (sec)/mAs Indicator
  7. mAs Indicator
  8. sec Indicator
  9. kV Adjustment Button (-)
  10. kV Adjustment Button (+)
  11. sec/mAs Adjustment (-)
  12. sec/mAs Adjustment (+)
  13. Shift Button
  14. Collimator light switch
  15. Memory Storage Button
  16. Memory Recall Buttons (M1to M5)

This system offers two tube voltage in one exposure.
This system is provided by the software version 1.37 of M2300.

The waveform of tube voltage
This system is effective in especially the tube voltage of 82kV or less.
Peak voltage is cut with rated voltage (90kV).
Example: Peak voltage is 55kV when setting voltage is 50kV.
When setting voltage is 83kV or more, peak voltage is always 90kV.